Awakening & Cultivating Potenial

Academic Tutor

Recent advances in neuroscience are highlighting connections between emotion, social functioning, and decision-making that have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the role of affect in education.
In particular, the neurobiological evidence suggests that the aspects of cognition that we recruit most heavily in schools, namely learning, attention, memory, decision making, and social functioning, are both profoundly affected by and subsumed within the processes of emotion.
In essence, those that are more highly attuned to self and other do better in school and enjoy greater levels of fulfillment and joy in their personal lives.


I support parents and primary caregivers of children diagnosed with autism. You can allocate your autism funding toward academic tutoring and academic strategy sessions. I work with your child at a personalized level to cultivate academic success and confidence in their lives. As parents our greatest wish is to raise a happy, healthy, confident and fully capable human being. 

Adolescents & Children

Practical, pragmatic and easy to implement methods of self-awareness and academic strategies. Clarifying your personal ways of learning is an important step in becoming a successful student. As an educator (and biologist) I know much about one’s physiology and how we can get unstuck from negative patterns that dampen the joy and academic confidence in our lives. 

Academic Advocacy

I work with and support families with developmentally challenged children and/or adolescents. My specialty is academic advicacy where I liason between you, your child and the school. Advocacy is specifcally curtailed to your family needs. 

Mobile Tutoring

One of the great advantages of my service is that I come to you! I offer the convenience of this specialized tutoring in the comfort of your own home.

In-home tutoring saves you time and money by avoiding the hassle and stress of driving to and from an office.


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